May 28, 2021

DDP Yoga Delights Customers with Digital Transformation


DDP Yoga is a leading health, wellness and fitness company based on a revolutionary type of fitness plan combining yoga, old-school calisthenics, sports rehabilitation therapy and dynamic resistance. It was developed by Diamond Dallas Page, a well-known wrestler and fitness guru. The company had found success selling this fitness program on DVD and other traditional media. Their goal was to transition to digital media and develop a fitness and wellness application that works on multiple platforms to reach and serve their growing customer base.


With limited IT resources primarily focused on project management, DDP Yoga engaged a software vendor to build digital applications for them. Unfortunately, this vendor failed to deliver a working application, forcing DDP Yoga to find a trusted partner to develop functional digital applications. Key requirements of the outsourced development firm included having the relevant technical skills and the ability to complete the project on time and on budget.

The Solution

Softensity started with a software audit and decided to build a complete solution from scratch. They worked closely with DDP Yoga to understand their needs and complex requirement, which called for multiple platforms and required a team of people across different disciplines. With an offshore specialized team of business analysts, web, mobile and QA engineers as well as project managers, Softensity designed and built a suite of applications from the ground up.

The first version of the web and iOS and Android mobile applications went live just six months after the start date and were accessible from any smart device. With these applications, DDP Yoga’s users could easily manage their memberships, class schedules, watch nutritional videos, get recipes and share their success stories. Meanwhile, DDP Yoga’s administrators used the newly built backend console to manage video and web content across all platforms. Softensity, as a trusted partner, has been engaged on this project for over seven years, and continues to maintain, enhance, update and add applications that better serve and expand DDP Yoga’s reach.

The Results

Softensity rescued the project, paving the way for DDP Yoga to achieve a successful digital transformation that helped their customers improve their health and fitness levels. Additionally, it grew DDP Yoga’s reach and customer base in 2020 when the at-home and location-independent fitness market expanded tremendously. Overall, DDP Yoga has enjoyed exponential yearly growth since the first app went live. Moreover, they have gained a reliable partner that continues to keep their software up to date with ongoing requirements.


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