The Benefits of Flutter App Development

IT Tips & Insights: Learn about this open-source UI software development kit from an experienced software engineer.  By Cristian Zappala, Software Engineer Nowadays, many apps need to run on multiple platforms, like iOS, Android, and the web. That’s why Google made Flutter, a UI toolkit that allows you to build beautiful native apps from a […]

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Data Transfer Objects Between Microservices

IT Tips & Insights: Should you share DTOs — and if so, which method is best? A Softensity software engineer shares his expertise.  By Yoel Rivera, Software Engineer Those immersed in software development constantly seek to do things better, which often implies making difficult decisions, and sometimes making technical and business sacrifices. Some time ago, […]

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Meet the Team: James Strawn

James Strawn has been in the tech industry for over 30 years, and he’s seen it all. A seasoned scuba diver and sometimes local politician, he also happens to be a tech master. When James isn’t taking his grandchildren on trips to the Okefenokee Swamp or reading about operational science developments, he’s managing a Softensity […]

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Questions About Outsourcing? FAQs Answered

Here at Softensity, we partner with a lot of companies that have never outsourced before, many of whom we’ve now been working with for more than a decade. Organizations that are new to outsourcing often have a lot of questions. Below we’ve compiled some of the most common questions we get, along with candid answers. […]

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Differences Between .NET Core 3.1 and .NET Core 6

IT Tips & Insights: A Softensity Software Engineer details the changes introduced with .NET Core 6, and how to choose the best version for your project. By Mario Leiton, Software Engineer Whenever most of us see a new version of a tool we use in our daily work, we get curious about its new features […]

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Tips for IT Support Teams, Part II

IT Tips & Insights: In the second part of this series, a Helpdesk rep discusses the importance of mastering the tools at your disposal and maintaining a learning mindset.  By Nestor Velasquez, IT Helpdesk Representative In the tech industry, good support is crucial as it’s the first point of contact between the company and the […]

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What Are Knowledge Graphs, and How Can You Use Them?

By Monika Mueller It’s been ten years since Google’s article, Introducing the Knowledge Graph: things, not strings, put knowledge graphs on the map. Since then, this technology has steadily inched its way toward the mainstream, as more organizations learn about the capabilities and uses, and slowly start to adopt the technology.  The big players are […]

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Understanding Azure Workbooks

IT Tips & Insights: Learn how to harness the power of Azure Workbooks with step-by-step instructions from a Softensity Software Engineer.  By Mario Leiton, Software Engineer Ever wondered what you can use to get data from multiple Azure sources, into one place, and with different types of interactions? Azure Workbooks is the answer. Workbooks is […]

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Intro to Domain-Driven Design

IT Tips & Insights: A Softensity Software Engineer takes an in-depth look at domain-driven design. By Douglas Moura, Software Engineer Building software is rarely easy. We’ve faced a hard time building it since the beginning. But it should not be like this, right? One very famous approach that is used to help us in the […]

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Meet the Team: Camila Niedzwiecki

Camila Niedzwiecki is curious. From exploring a wide range of careers to moving halfway across the world, she’s always down for a new adventure. A psychologist by training, Camila tested the waters of several different career paths before settling on HR, and joined Softensity as a technical recruiter last year. When she’s not searching for […]

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Creating CI for ADF with Azure DevOps

IT Tips & Insights: A Softensity Data Engineer discusses continuous integration (CI) for Azure Data Factory (ADF) with step-by-step instructions. By Fernando Messas, Softensity Data Engineer A few years after releasing Azure Data Factory (ADF), Microsoft has created CI/CD support. It’s a simple process, which we will discuss here. First, your data factory must be […]

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How To Maintain Continuity in the Face of Crisis

By Monika Mueller Crisis management is a skillset. In fact, a more appropriate label may be chaos management. When an unexpected event or disruption rattles the foundations of your organization, you need to know what to do. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a pandemic, geopolitical event or supply chain issue, leadership doesn’t have […]

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Improve Your Code With Object Calisthenics

IT Tips & Insights: A Softensity Software Engineer details how to write cleaner code through the rules of Object Calisthenics. By Caio Vidal, Software Engineer Object Calisthenics was defined by Jeff Bay in his book, “The Thoughtworks Anthology.” It defines 9 different rules that you can use to write your code and keep it clean. […]

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Simple CRUD Using Spring Boot, Hibernate, JPA and PostgreSQL

IT Tips & Insights: A Softensity Java Developer shares a tutorial on creating a CRUD API using Spring Boot and PostgreSQL databases. By Andre Picoli, Java Developer and Community Lead This is a simple tutorial on how to create a CRUD API using Spring Boot and PostgreSQL databases. The example simulates a user subscription application […]

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What Are the Advantages of Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing?

By Monika Mueller More companies are outsourcing software development these days, and the trend is only getting stronger. Why? Top developers and engineers are difficult to find, thanks to an enduring IT labor shortage. Outsourcing allows companies to quickly fill skills gaps and supplement their internal teams with specialized skill sets when needed — on […]

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Entity Framework Core Optimization

IT Tips & Insights: A Senior Software Engineer shares tips for improving your EntityFramework Core. By Nicolas Horenstein, Senior Software Engineer ORM is a tool that nowadays we can’t live without. For those who don’t know what ORM means, it’s a technique that lets you query and manipulate data from a database using an object-oriented […]

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Meet the Team: Maksim Rudz, Team Manager & Software Engineer

Maksim Rudz, aka Max, is an avid reader, board game enthusiast, father, and team manager for the Softensity team in Uzbekistan. While Maksim got his start in computer security and Java, his intro to .NET development ignited a passion that changed the course of his career. He now leads developer teams, mentors young IT professionals, […]

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Recruiting IT Talent: What are Millennials Looking for?

Born between 1980 and 1996, Millennials grew up alongside the explosion of tech, the internet, and social media, so naturally, many of them were drawn to careers in IT. As Millennials continue to dominate the tech labor force, companies may need to rethink their old recruiting tactics in order to win over these in-demand developers.  […]

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Tips for IT Support Teams

IT Tips & Insights: A Softensity Helpdesk Rep shares tips for providing better service, faster. By Nestor Velasquez, IT Helpdesk Representative In the tech industry, good support is crucial as it’s the first point of contact between the company and the user. Good user support directly impacts the reputation of the company from the point […]

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What’s it Like to Work at Softensity?

By Softensity Developers often ask us what it’s like to work for Softensity. As much as we’d love to talk about how amazing our global community is, and how we truly invest in helping every team member reach their career goals, it means more coming straight from the source. We love chatting with our team […]

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How To Prepare Your Organization for Outsourcing

By Monika Mueller We probably don’t have to tell you about the many benefits of outsourcing, from cost savings and access to specialized skills to around-the-clock development and protection against attrition. So it should come as no surprise that outsourcing is on the rise around the globe, and the trend shows no signs of slowing. […]

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Meet the Team: Emre Kahraman, Softensity Team Lead and Software Architect

By Softensity Emre Kahraman always knew he would grow up to be a problem solver. An avid history buff, his true passion has always been technology. But Emre’s software development career has been full of twists and turns. After four years and two degrees in research and development engineering, he moved to a smaller city […]

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BDD Web Design Meeting

What Is (And Is Not) BDD?

IT Tips & Insights: A Softensity Senior QA Engineer discusses common misconceptions about behavior driven development in this two-part series. By Nicolas Martino, Senior QA Engineer In the IT business, BDD is becoming more relevant in the development process. But what is it? BDD is behavior driven development, a process in which the entire team […]

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Blockchain Programming

What is Blockchain?

IT Tips & Insights: A Softensity Senior Software Developer covers the basics of blockchain, bitcoin and beyond. By Alvaro Ribeiro, Senior Software Developer Over the last few years, more and more people have talked about Bitcoin, Blockchain and cryptos in general. It all began in 2008, during the subprime economic crisis. The crisis was caused […]

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IT Development Meeting

The Outlook for IT Labor in 2022

By Monika Mueller It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, chances are, you’ve felt the labor crunch. We all have. And not just in IT, though that’s where many have felt it the most acutely. Around this time of year, we’re all probably wondering the same thing: Will 2022 bring any relief? Unfortunately, the short […]

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Enable CICD for .NET Apps on ADO

Enable CI/CD for .NET Apps on ADO

IT Tips & Insights: Learn about DevOps and CI/CD in this video tutorial from a Softensity Senior Software Developer. By Vincent Burgos, Softensity Software Developer / Engineer What is CI/CD? CI/CD stands for continuous inegration and continuous delivery. It’s a method used to rapidly deliver software to customers by utilizing automation in various stages of […]

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.NET Professionals

Tips for .NET Dev, Part III

IT Tips & Insights: A Softensity Senior Software Developer wraps up his three-part series on .Net development.  By Gabriel Cordeiro, Senior Software Developer The following is the third part in a three-part series. Get tips on Object Initializers in C# in Part I, and learn about magic strings and regions in Part II here. Learn […]

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Meet Nicole Diez

Meet the Team: Nicole Diez, Head of HR, Americas

How hard is it to hire software developers and engineers? Ask Nicole Diez, the head of HR for Softensity’s LATAM community.  By Softensity After graduating from Florida State University, Nicole Diez put her hospitality major to use and accepted a position in Atlanta. But when she moved back home to Panama, she found the hospitality […]

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Can Machine Learning & AI Help Address the Tight Labor Market?

Softensity Leadership Series: A conversation with Varun Sridharan, Senior Technical Product Manager, Amazon Web Services Customer Behavior Analytics team. By Softensity Varun Sridharan is passionate about solving customers’ problems using machine learning and AI. He started his journey with machine learning back in 2014 and is on a mission to democratize the technology. Varun’s vision […]

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Two professional programmer cooperating and working on web site

Introduction to Kusto Query Language

IT Tips & Insights: An experienced Software Engineer shares KQL shortcuts in this helpful primer. By Fabio Godinho, Softensity Software Engineer KQL, or Kusto Query Language, is a language for data analysis typical to Microsoft Azure monitoring and observability services (such as Application Insights, Log Analytics, and others). It makes use of the Kusto Engine […]

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Meet Vincent Burgos

Meet the Team: Vincent Burgos, Software Developer/Engineer

We sat down with Softensity’s Vincent Burgos, based in the Philippines, to talk about his experience as a software developer/engineer. By Softensity From the young age of 11, Vincent Burgos knew that he wanted to be in the IT industry. Like so many of his peers in IT, he was motivated by the goal of […]

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WordPress Development Strategies

Recommended Roadmap for WordPress Development

IT Tips & Insights: One of Softensity’s WordPress experts shares tips and suggests a helpful development roadmap. By Wilson Fernández, Softensity PHP developer / WordPress expert To carry out the development of a website in WordPress, it’s necessary to understand the structure of a content management system (CMS). The CMS is made up of several […]

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Softensity Team Interviews

The Growing Role of Technology in Healthcare

Softensity Leadership Series: A conversation with Dr. Kimberly Singh and Dr. John Sudick about the impact of tech in healthcare. By Softensity What is the role of technology in healthcare? How can it enable healthcare practices? And do some doctors really view technology as a threat? Softensity’s Monika Mueller sat down with Dr. Kimberly Singh, […]

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.NET App Strategies

Deploy .NET Apps with VS on Azure, Free!

IT Tips & Insights: This instructional video shows you how to deploy your .NET apps with Visual Studio on Azure for free. By Vincent Burgos, Softensity Software Developer / Engineer Have you ever thought about showing your .NET app to your peers, but you don’t know how to do it without worrying about how much […]

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Latin American Developer Expansion

Softensity Taps Top IT Talent to Accelerate LATAM Expansion

Amidst a challenging pandemic and IT labor shortage, Softensity global outsourcing is building a significant team of experienced developers, engineers and QAs throughout Latin America. ATLANTA, November 1, 2021 — Softensity, a U.S.-based outsourcing provider of top-tier software development talent, announced today that the company has built a robust presence in Latin America, and is […]

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.NET Professionals

Tips for .NET Dev, Part II

IT Tips & Insights: A Softensity Senior Software Developer shares .NET programming tips in this multi-part series. By Gabriel Cordeiro, Senior Software Developer The following is the second part in a series. Read Part I here. Magic Strings  This is something very easy to find during your career as a Developer, but it can be […]

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.NET Programmer at Work

Supercharge Your .NET 5 APIs with OData 

IT Tips & Insights: An experienced software engineer shares tips for getting more out of .NET WEB API using OData in this instructional video.  By Vincent Burgos, Softensity Software Developer / Engineer Today, we’re going to learn how to make .NET WEB API (Restful) better and more powerful using OData. OData provides a more simplistic […]

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Meet Ignacio Costantini

Meet the Team: Ignacio Costantini, LATAM Community Manager

To kick off our new Meet the Team series, we sat down with Softensity’s Nano Costantini to talk about software engineering, building a community and the IT industry in Latin America. By Softensity This year, Softensity expanded its presence in Latin America with an exceptional team that’s growing every day. The region was the missing […]

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C# Development

Tips for .NET Dev, Part I

IT Tips & Insights: A Softensity Senior Software Developer shares tips for C# and general programming in this multi-part series. By Gabriel Cordeiro, Senior Software Developer “Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.”                                                                                        ― Martin Fowler When I first saw this sentence by […]

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Softensity Artificial Intelligence Interview

Bias in the World of Artificial Intelligence

Softensity Leadership Series: A conversation with Michelle Yi, Senior Director of Applied Artificial Intelligence at RelationalAI. By Softensity Michelle Yi is probably smarter than you. After graduating high school at age 13, and college at 16, Yi went on to work for IBM’s Watson Group, which is focused on artificial intelligence. She has also been […]

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Profile photo of it specialist guy lady two business people night coworking watch together indicate monitor testing debugging java script code smart professionals office indoors

Clean Code Cheat Sheet

IT Tips & Insights: Code is clean if it can be understood easily – by everyone on the team. If it can be read and enhanced by a developer other than its original author. With understandability comes readability, changeability, extensibility, and maintainability. By Ignacio De Luca, Softensity Software Engineer The responsibility of clean code is […]

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Softensity Women Leaders

Where are the Women in IT? An Insider’s Take

From the challenges to the opportunities, dive into the trenches with one of Softensity’s talented QA engineers and hear what it’s like to be a woman in IT. By Monika Mueller These days, there’s a lot of talk about equality in the workforce. More companies than ever seem to be making a real effort to […]

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Tech Tips for Improved Coding

String.Empty VS “”

IT Tips & Insights: String interning and the compilation process in C#. By Nahuel Ramos, Softensity Software Analyst We’re excited to kick off a new content series to share tech tips, tricks, insights and shortcuts by Softensity’s talented global team of developers and QA engineers. IT Tips & Insights is a series created by developers […]

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Programmers working in programming Programmer, developer and coding technology Website design, cybersecurity in the cyberspace society

5 Strategies to Overcome the IT Labor Shortage

By Monika Mueller We don’t need to tell you how challenging the tech talent gap has become, or how severe the labor shortage. It’s significant, with no sign of letting up. According to a recent survey, 61% of HR professionals said finding qualified developers will be the biggest recruitment challenge of 2021. Meanwhile, IT budgets […]

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Digital Labor and Technology Advances

Digital Labor With Cognitive Capability

Leadership Series: A conversation with Dean Nelson of Virtual Power Systems. By Softensity In her latest interview for our Leadership Series, Softensity’s Monika Mueller sat down with  Virtual Power Systems CEO Dean Nelson to discuss how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence can help alleviate degraded customer service in a post-pandemic world. Digital labor with […]

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Advanced analytics in QA testing

Approaching Advanced Analytics

Leadership Series: A conversation with Sandeep Anand of Infor. By Softensity Adopting advanced analytics like data science, machine learning and data engineering can be challenging. In addition to barriers like resistant technologies embedded into ERPs, it can be difficult to connect the technology to a tangible ROI for clients. Businesses are often overwhelmed when considering […]

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Business Strategizing

Siri for Business? How Knowledge Graphs Can Help You Modernize Legacy Apps

Leadership Series: A conversation with Molham Aref of RelationalAI. By Softensity We’re excited to kick off Softensity’s new Leadership Series with a video interview featuring Molham Aref, Silicon Valley CEO of RelationalAI. In his interview with Softensity’s Monika Mueller, Aref discussed digital transformation and how legacy applications fit into the equation. The issue? Businesses have […]

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