May 28, 2021

A Provider of Cloud-Native Predictive Solutions Gets Its Apps to Market and Builds Machine-Learning Capabilities


A major ERP software company acquired a new cloud-based predictive forecasting solution. Simultaneously, they embarked on a partnership with a large national grocery retailer to launch a chain of new stores with better operational efficiency and lower prices for its target consumers.


The ERP software company needed to integrate the new cloud-based predictive forecasting solution and support the large grocery retailer while managing risk and having the capability to scale their work force up or down quickly. Plus, they wanted to do so in a short time, at the lowest cost and with the right talent. They required a team that could ramp up their initial production, get the application to market fast and have additional resources to continue developing new applications.

The Solution

Within six months, the Softensity team developed a sophisticated time series forecasting tool with exponential smoothing that was deployed in the new stores to manage the day-to-day fulfillment needs. Using this tool, the grocery retailer centralized and automated its tracking and ordering processes and reduced its operational and labor costs. For the next phase and with the addition of more data engineers, the Softensity team developed a more complex machine-learning solution for the client using a combination of agile and PMI methodologies.

The Results

Using the Softensity developed forecasting tool, the grocery retailer increased their forecasting accuracy thus reducing their held inventory and back stock maintenance. With this new centralized solution, the number of buyers per store was reduced from eight to ten buyers down to three, dramatically lowering their operational costs. This translated to lower prices for the target consumer. For the ERP partner, Softensity gave them the power and flexibility to achieve their quick ramp up when they needed it most and deliver the applications to this grocery chain as well as other future customers. They also built the new solutions that would differentiate their business from their competitors’.


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