Local, Global, Scalable. Business Grade Software Teams.

The world of technology is moving at an ever faster pace, talented labor is hard to come by, budgets and funding are more challenging to get and its virtually impossible to retain your best talent long term. In addition, the demands on your organization continue to mount expecting you to do more with less, every day. Whether you are thinking of changing the world with a disruptive idea, or extending your engineering team to get to market quicker, or completing your project load on time and within unreasonable budgets – you’re not alone.

How can we help? Excellence, quality and best in class performance are a given, you expect no less from a professional IT partner. In addition, we are obsessive and passionate about everything that we do. Our people are transparent to a fault, understand your world and industry by design, we don’t know how to do business in any other way. We are in Atlanta, GA, in Minsk, Belarus, in Kharkiv, Ukraine and in Izmir, Turkey. We are local, we are global, we help you deliver anywhere you are.

Give us a call or contact us to learn how we have reinvented the way IT is done and let us show you how we earn our stripes every single day. We are your Partner today, always.

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