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Dedicated Software and QA Engineering Teams
Global Centers, Local Presence

Local and Global Software Development and QA Teams

We believe in being laser focused on a single area of expertise, and work day and night to excel at it, that area is software development. We don’t do SEO, we don’t do graphic design and we don’t do any ancillary services, just software development. We are very passionate that, so much so that we have over 1,600 people obsessing daily about you, our clients and what you need. We earn your trust every single day with our expertise and commitment to you.

We are US based and owned and have offices in Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey and Mexico. This allows us to be both local to you, and global in delivery of services. We also engineered our teams by design to cover all major technologies allowing you a one stop shop regardless of the technologies you need or timelines you need them by. Whether it’s skills that are in short supply internally, issues hiring the right people in your market, getting needed help to deliver a product to market quicker or simply need to augment your team long term, we do that for you.

Our core areas of development are:

As critical as software development is, we believe in pairing that with professional QA engineers that strive to insure that your applications perform at peak, are scalable as your users grow and as elegant as possible. Our QA department specializes in:

Our clients are from every walk of life, from one man consultants to small businesses to the largest corporations and everything in between. We do also spend a good bit of time working with new business and startups, so whether you are working towards delivering on your IT projects or trying to change the world, we are your partners, we are local and global.

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We have expert software and QA engineers who can get started within 1-2 weeks in most cases. Stable, solid, scalable and high performing applications at a fraction of the cost, to support your most complex work. Build your team with us today.

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