February 8, 2022

What’s it Like to Work at Softensity?

By Softensity

Developers often ask us what it’s like to work for Softensity. As much as we’d love to talk about how amazing our global community is, and how we truly invest in helping every team member reach their career goals, it means more coming straight from the source.

We love chatting with our team members for our regular Meet the Team series, and compiled some thoughts about what it’s really like to work for Softensity from those (and similar) conversations. From the community to the work itself, here are some insights from Softensity team members located around the world.

The Community

Ignacio Costantini
.NET Community Manager & Sr. Software Engineer
Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Working at Softensity has been quite a ride. There is always opportunity to grow and there are really cool clients to work with that use the latest technologies. One of the best things is the Community, where you will always find help and ways to keep improving your hard and soft skills … We have people from so many different countries and cultures working here and helping each other and sharing knowledge.”

Emre Kahraman
Team Lead and Software Architect
Izmir, Turkey

“Before joining Softensity, I would have never dreamed of discussing software architecture with guys from three different continents in a meeting. I really appreciate that Softensity helps me to widen my worldview both professionally and personally.”

The Leadership

Nicole Diez
Head of HR, Americas
Panama City, Panama

“The leadership is great. I feel like my input and feedback are appreciated, and even more so, encouraged. We all share experiences and get to be creative in our approach to problems. Softensity is also really aware of my goals for the recruiting team, so they make sure they support those goals every step of the way.”

Vincent Burgos
Software Developer/Engineer

“Not only does the community at Softensity support your work, but they also provide resources to help you grow in your desired career path. They go out of their way to help you set goals and then check in periodically to keep you on track to achieve them. This level of mentorship goes beyond a typical employee/employer relationship.”

The Work

Vincent Burgos
I love working with exciting, leading-edge tech and AI, but I really enjoy when clients use the technology stack of my expertise (Azure, .NET (C#), and Angular) — whether it’s a greenfield or a brownfield project. But most importantly for me, my favorite projects at Softensity are the ones where I have the freedom to implement what I think is best. I really appreciate it when clients take input from IT engineers seriously.”

Emre Kahraman
I really like to work for clients from different industries. Currently, I am leading a software development team for one of the big four financial/accounting companies, and it’s my first time developing software for the financial industry … With the challenge of learning about a whole new industry, you get to understand real-world problems in a global way.

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