November 30, 2021

Meet the Team: Vincent Burgos, Software Developer/Engineer

Meet Vincent Burgos

We sat down with Softensity’s Vincent Burgos, based in the Philippines, to talk about his experience as a software developer/engineer.

By Softensity

From the young age of 11, Vincent Burgos knew that he wanted to be in the IT industry. Like so many of his peers in IT, he was motivated by the goal of creating his own game and learned several coding languages while at university. His interest in technology and programming has led him into a decade-long career in software development. 

Today, Vincent spends his free time brushing up on his DevOps and SRE skills, attending weekend boot camps, and teaching training intensives to stay at the top of his game. He has been with Softensity since September 2021 and has stepped into his role as both a team leader and software architect. His only regret? That he didn’t start developing his technology skills sooner. 

What is the IT industry like in the Philippines? 

I might be biased, but I would say that Filipino tech professionals are among the best in South East Asia. It helps that in the Philippines, developers are pretty proficient in speaking English, which I believe is one of the key advantages. Also, if I remember correctly, Filipinos are some of the most engaged people on social media, thus exposing the population to technology.

I’ve noticed a lot of growth since I first started working in IT. Back when I graduated, most Filipino software engineers immigrated to other countries for better job opportunities, but now, people are moving back from Singapore and other places to live and work at home with their families in the Philippines. I’m noticing more tech job openings, more students majoring in technology, and more tech companies moving into the Philippines because the industry really is thriving here. I even see so many Filipinos earning certifications and top-tier technology statuses like MVP from Microsoft, which would have been so rare 10 years ago.

Now, software developers in the Philippines have worked with a lot of western companies, and we’ve capitalized on outsourcing, which has really helped the economy. These jobs show off the level of talent here and have helped the IT industry flourish, so I look forward to even more great things for the Filipino IT industry in the future. 

What are your favorite types of projects or clients?

It’s difficult to pick a favorite. Of course, I also love working with exciting, leading-edge tech and AI, but I really enjoy when clients use the technology stack of my expertise (Azure, .NET (C#), and Angular). Whether it’s a Greenfield or a Brownfield project, when clients are using these technologies, I feel most confident in my work. 

But most importantly for me, my favorite projects are the ones where I have the freedom to implement what I think is best. I really appreciate it when clients take input from IT engineers seriously.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced working in IT?

The ever-changing and fast-paced nature of IT is both exciting and daunting. Keeping up with new technology and updates keeps me busy, but it’s also what keeps work interesting and worthwhile. Earlier in my career, I didn’t have as much mentorship as I do now at Softensity, so it was tough to overcome these challenges without the help of my peers. 

What’s the best thing about working for Softensity?

I’ve worked with a number of great companies, both as a consultant and a full-time engineer, and I feel blessed that I learned so much from each of them. That being said, Softensity stands out because of how important the community is to them. Sure, working with some of my biggest clients has been great, but the community is the real draw for me. Softensity makes sure that if you’re working on a particular technology stack, you’ll work with the best team for the job and feel supported the whole way through a project. 

I’ve met so many talented international software developers. This is the first time I’ve been able to work with Latin American coworkers, and they’re some of the best colleagues I’ve ever had. I think we get along so well because Latin Americans and Filipinos share so many cultural ties since we were both colonized by Spain at one point. 

How has Softensity supported your development as a software engineer?

Not only does the community at Softensity support your work, but they also provide resources to help you grow in your desired career path. They go out of their way to help you set goals and then check in periodically to keep you on track to achieve them. This level of mentorship goes beyond a typical employee/employer relationship. Other companies offer you fun goodies or perks, but Softensity is ensuring that we get the absolute most out of our work.

Any tips or advice for others looking to get into IT?

If I could go back and say anything to my 18-year-old self, I would tell him that this path will require perseverance and hard work. It’ll mean sacrificing your weekends, nights out, and going to the beach to spend time studying. I wouldn’t consider myself smart, but my hard work paid off. Even if you’re not a genius, hard work and an industrious personality can make you a leader among your peers ― and the paycheck is pretty great too. 

On a lighter note, always aim for innovation. Humans are creators, and this industry is a huge playground where you can build whatever you want! Get involved in tech communities, learn more and more every day, and never stop trying to improve your skills. IT is the future, and it is one of the few industries where there’s no age limit, so don’t get discouraged or say “it’s too late” to join the IT world.


Hi, I’m Vincent Clyde. I’ve been a Software Engineer for the past decade. In the last 5 years, I moved to Team Lead and Software Architect roles, and have implemented solutions for various industries. I love solving complex problems, particularly related to scalability, architecture and cloud. I have spearheaded multiple efforts to improve existing processes for clients that had not yet implemented DevOps or Agile. I am a 3x Azure Certified Professional and love to teach, share my knowledge, speak at tech seminars and create blogs for fun.

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