January 5, 2023

Get to Know the Softensity Community

Get to Know the Softensity Community

We might be located all over the world, but our Softensity employees have created a tight-knit community. Our employees bond over their work, of course, but also through sharing aspects of their unique cultures.

Through our monthly “Meet the Team” series, we’ve had the opportunity to share several of our employees’ experiences working in IT, getting to know their coworkers, and growing their careers at Softensity. Here are just a few snippets that show how our team turns remote work into a collaborative, fun environment: 

Working on International Teams

Maria “Male” Colmenares

Community Lead

“The best part [of working for Softensity] is the people. We have people from very different cultures all over the world working together for the same goal. We’re constantly learning not only about other countries and other languages, but other ways to work and to approach the same problem.”

James Strawn 
Scrum Master
Atlanta, Georgia

I get such a charge out of the different cultures and perspectives that an international team brings to the table … It’s hard for me to imagine a workday world where diversity of origin and culture aren’t the norm.”

Creating Camaraderie

Juan Piccirilli
Resource Manager
Buenos Aires, Argentina

“In Argentina, socializing is really important to us, and that warm, social part of our culture is also visible within the company. I think we all get along and feel really supported by each other, even though I haven’t met everyone in person. That’s really rare in outsourcing I think.”

Nicole Diez
Head of HR, Americas

“I feel like my input and feedback are appreciated and even more so, encouraged. We all share experiences and get to be creative in our approach to problems.”

The Support

Camila Niedzwiecki
Talent Acquisition Lead

“They also encouraged me to follow my dreams of moving to Europe and allowed that dream to mesh with my work life. Instead of losing my job when I moved to London, we collaborated to help my move match the company’s goals of hiring more people in Europe.”

Maksim Rudz
Team Lead

“The coolest thing I can share about working for Softensity is great growth opportunities. They’ve created all the conditions for people around the world to effectively develop their professional skills. Softensity really is a place where people help each other.”

Our Leadership Style

Matias Baldi
Regional Director, Latin America

“As a leader, you need to think of yourself as just one piece of the team that is there to build everyone up and create positive change. The goal of any leader really is to help your team grow and encourage them to take on new challenges. If you do it right, your team members go on to be leaders themselves, which is a huge achievement to me.”

Maria “Male” Colmenares
Community Lead

“It’s my responsibility as a leader to provide the team with a safe work environment. Anytime I have the opportunity to bring on women software engineers, testers, or really any role, I try to create a respectful environment where they can be heard, feel confident, and feel like they have the same power as their male colleagues.”

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