February 23, 2016

Whether you are the leader of an IT department, or the visionary responsible for an innovative startup, the ultimate objective is to hit your goals and see rapid gains in your business. However, while seeing business growth is almost always a positive thing, it brings with it a new set of challenges that you may face while continuing to scale.

Arguably, you have just as much risk with fast growth as a decline which makes it that much more critical to find the right kind of IT human capital to maintain your growth trajectory.

In this blog, we explore a few common issues that rapidly growing companies face, and how utilizing an IT staff augmentation strategy in addition to your current practices to address these needs may be the secret for helping to continue your pattern of growth.

You Need Immediate Access to Expert Developers or Teams

Currently, IT markets are at their most competitive with no end in sight making the availability of qualified talent, cost, and retention very critical issues.

If you have been in the market for a software developer recently, you’ve probably seen that it is a hyper-competitive environment, and the salaries that are being sought by qualified software engineers are sky-high. Plus, if you do make a hire, you will have to assume that the employee will be inundated with new job opportunities with higher rates of pay, making
retention that much more difficult.

If you’re experiencing explosive growth or have way more work than you can handle, the right IT staff augmentation strategy allows you to skip the arduous interview process and gives you immediate access to a talented pool of developers that can immediately plugin to your organization. With a strong technology partner, you don’t have to worry about retention or the loss of intellectual capital either and in the unlikely case of losing a developer they should provide a paid knowledge transfer period and integrate the new engineer at no cost to you.

Your only focus would be growing your business.

Pay Only for the Development Services You Need

With the rates of software engineers at an all-time high, there is nothing worse than having an idle developer on your staff. Every product or piece of software has periods of downtime, so this can quickly become a time drain on your bottom line.

By utilizing staff augmentation, you only will pay for the time that you need to get the project done. You can quickly scale up and scale down the number of hours that you are utilizing, which over time results in big-time savings for your organization. Plus, when you throw in that you are paying a lower average rate for each developer, 50%-75% less, it quickly becomes apparent that this strategy is a no-brainer.

Expert Practice Areas for All Major Technologies

Finally, if there were ever a “unicorn” that existed in the software space, it would be a partner that can provide you software engineers in all core technologies. With so many new technologies available, most IT projects need a variety of services, and this usually entails having to hire multiple developers. You would want all your developers co-located and sourced from the same partner for easier management and consistent standards, methodologies ad best practices.

As a result, you retain the ability to plug in the right people and technologies without having to worry about making the commitment to a full-time employee, or finding the right contractor who may charge you exorbitant rates. When you are done, you just let them go.

This allows you to continue to focus on growing your business o completing your projects, all while getting a solid delivery, quality staff when you need them and a lower overall cost. It does not get much better.
Why Wouldn’t You Take Advantage of IT Staff Augmentation?

When done right, the staff augmentation model can be a key to solving many of the IT and project problems that come with being a part of a rapidly growing organization and a tight labor market. It can remove the stress of trying to compete for talent, and makes sure your in-house developers don’t walk out the door after significant investment. You pay less, get better results and are in control of the team you have.

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