May 11, 2016

Organizations around the globe have greatly benefited from using professional external IT teams when it comes to addressing their ongoing software maintenance needs. In this ever-changing world of globalization, companies must continuously improve themselves. They do this by repeatedly searching for ways to increase business profits, while decreasing company expenses. An excellent approach to resolving this issue of doing more for less to minimize internal overhead service costs is to utilize business grade external software teams where and when it makes sense.

Consider these top four benefits:

Significantly Reduced Operational Costs

Outsourced software maintenance teams can reduce company operational costs anywhere from 50 to 90 percent. Eliminating the need for on-site staff and IT specialists can help companies attain these incredibly cost-effective reductions. These reduced operational costs also translate into lower company recruitment costs, as there is no need to attract and retain the talent required for software upkeep. As a result, external teams can help cut expensive infrastructure requirements dramatically as well as not requiring office space at your premises.

Refocus Time and Energy

An interesting aspect of outsourced maintenance teams is that of redirecting and refocusing, business and company time and energy. It allows a new restructuring of core business processes, essentially allowing your internal resources to clearly focus on their essential business objectives or other business areas as opposed to managing less strategic and desirable support tasks.

With the ability to instantly access highly skilled software experts, the responsibility, and strain of providing immediate expertise is no longer a burden. These external resources are now in place to ensure constant and continual software maintenance. This allows companies to re-purpose their own IT engineers for building the next generation customer focused products and releasing more sustainment tasks to external teams.

Efficient Quality Expertise

Outsourced software teams are comprised of experienced specialists in their particular field or software language. Often, businesses are unable to handle all aspects of software product maintenance internally. The ability to properly train in-house employees increases the cost of on-site management and training services, as well as the time to gear up, therefore driving expenses even higher. Additionally, it can be difficult to attract and keep such highly skilled personnel and may consequently result in repeated hiring costs and cycle training.

Effectively, external software maintenance teams have technical expertise level equivalent to on-site IT departments and can seamlessly integrate. In essence, tasks and services required are completed in an expedited manner, and with a singular focus with high-quality output. Consequently, allowing an expert external service provider to implement all necessary software changes, enhancements and improvements can be an extremely tech-savvy business approach.

More Bandwidth

While support and maintenance tasks are critical to your operations, having an external team perform those tasks allows them to learn your business model and develop significant subject matter expertise. This knowledge becomes a key in the future should you need to expand your “new development” effort that your staff is leading.

The ability to potentially increase multiple software engineers almost instantly and them having the needed expertise in the business and software systems makes them productive from day 1 without the need for hiring lead times, training and associated costs. It becomes an almost unlimited pool of trained resources to tap as needed.

Ultimately, employing skilled outsourced software experts is a smart business move. It can significantly reduce operational costs, allow the refocus of time, resources, and energy, as well as provide quality expertise. Integrating software specialists to your team allows you to eliminate the need for managing time-consuming software maintenance tasks.


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