September 27, 2015

Recent trends show that more IT businesses are taking advantage of outsourced teams as a means of gaining access to experts in specialized areas and improving their business processes. Access to these types of resources is helping large and small businesses save time and money and helping them to deliver a superior product to the marketplace. Read on and learn about three ways that IT outsourcing can help your business gain a competitive edge.

IT Outsourcing: What is it and how can it help?

Simply put, outsourcing is the practice of reassigning your company’s business processes to an external source. This business strategy means that instead of having only person within your company manage certain tasks, companies reassign these tasks to external teams or individuals.

Benefit #1 – Outsourcing Your IT Functions Is Cost Effective

One of the leading reasons that outsourcing has become such a popular practice in the IT sector is because it proves to be highly cost-effective. Think about it: If you have an internal employee manage all of your IT work, for example, you will be paying that individual a fixed salary regardless of IT needs. Alternatively, if you choose to outsource IT projects as they arise, you will only pay for the tasks that need doing.


Benefit #2 – Outsourcing Can Dramatically Improve Your Company’s Efficiency

When you outsource your IT work to an external resource, you have a wide labor pool from which to choose. As such, you can advance competitive expectations in terms of the timelines of your projects. In addition, outsourcing also allows you to have multiple individuals working on different elements of the same project.

A more specific advantage to consider is how outsourcing completely dissolves geographical barriers. When you take the time out of the equation, it means that businesses have the ability to work with the most qualified professionals, regardless of their location. If you have a business where tight deadlines play a major factor, you may want to consider working with professionals located in earlier time zones, for example. Doing so will allow them adequate time to complete a project, while ensuring that they do so before the requisite deadline. All in all, outsourcing allows you to effectively speed up the pace of your business.

Benefit #3 – IT Outsourcing Allows You to Build Your Business

When you are bogged down with a hefty to-do list, it can be difficult to imagine how you will be able to focus on completing these tasks as well as building your business. Outsourcing allows you to accomplish both. By assigning marketing and IT tasks to external agencies, you become better able to focus on your innovative business plan. Use this time to pose the question: Is your business achieving its creative and financial goals? If not, take advantage of your newfound time to restructure your business plan.

Bonus Benefit – Outsourcing Permits Quality Work and Expertise

When you outsource work to an external resource, you invite quality work and expertise into your business practice. The process of outsourcing certain tasks doesn’t imply that you do not already have quality employees working for you. It just means that you now have the ability to assign specialized tasks to teams of experts.

Many larger companies can invest large amounts of money in employees with both the right educational background and the requisite experience to improve their businesses. But, smaller businesses lack these funds, and thus, lose a competitive edge in the resources available to them. Outsourcing effectively recalibrates the playing field, allowing smaller businesses the same resources and expertise as larger businesses at a price they can afford. By giving smaller businesses access to outsourced teams, they have the ability to leverage the expertise that will effectively allow them to scale and grow more rapidly.

Outsourcing is a richly beneficial strategy that many businesses are using to gain efficiencies and increase their bottom line. Indeed, outsourcing allows businesses an economical way of completing projects in a quality manner. In addition, this practice also proves highly time-efficient and frees up time in which you can focus on growing your business in new and creative ways.


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