Effective knowledge graphs can speed the development of new descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics as well as data processing solutions.

Popularized by Google and Amazon, a well-structured and performant knowledge graph powered by a Knowledge Graph Management System (KGMS) provides a semantic layer that allows humans and machines to interact with and exploit data for reporting, modeling, forecasting and optimizing various business processes and calculations. Our expert team of knowledge engineers, data scientists, technologists and machine learning engineers has deep experience using concept modeling techniques to derive core KGMS schemas for finance and retail.

These rationalized schemas allow for simple, extensible data models that encourage data sharing and reduce much of the data and schema redundancy that traditional siloed development approaches engender. Our Knowledge and Data Science team brings the power of knowledge graphs to your organization through best practice guidance, hands on development and deployment and advice for ongoing use and maintenance.

Our professional services include

  • Semantic Web Training
  • Knowledge Engineering Services
  • Linked Data Strategy Development
  • Customized Data Portals
  • Outsourced Integration and Development

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