JavaScript is an amazing tool for innovating and building transformational solutions. Our domain driven knowledge will assist you in pioneering services and apps that will set you apart.


  • React is perfect for rendering data-heavy and dynamic content within a single view. It is essential in our quest for pixel-perfect UI’s.


  • Angular empowers Softensity to deliver resilient, data-driven and highly interactive complex business grade web applications.


  • Node allows us to scale in whatever direction we choose. Data intensive and real time data solutions in tools such as payment services, content management and chat apps will give you an undeniable advantage.


  • If you need a lightweight and high-performance UI library to create a lean SPA, then Vue is right for you. Vue allows you to quickly increase the number of users on your site. Does your project needs a high-performance, lightweight UI library for building a j SPA? With Vue, you will easily spin up as many users in your web as you want.

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