July 15, 2021

Softensity Overhauls UI and UX for Medical Supply App With Full HIPAA Compliance


A global leader with 20+ years of experience renting medical equipment for clinical trials approached Softensity for help updating a customer-facing app. The global company provides full-service medical and laboratory rentals, offering everything from equipment needs analysis and kit packing / shipping to site closedown.

MediCapital UX and UI Development Case StudyChallenge

The company’s roster of industry leading clients includes the top 15 Contract Research Organizations (CROs) for clinical trials. While the company prides itself on its dedication to customer satisfaction, the client-facing Customer Portal app was not living up to the organization’s high standards. 

The app was not user-friendly due to numerous usability and functionality issues. Having reached out to their client base for feedback, the company had excellent visibility into the specific pain points associated with the app, along with requests for new functionality. While the app required a complete overhaul, the company’s sole developer was unable to handle the extensive workload. The app also required complicated adherence to HIPAA rules and regulations.

The Solution

The medical equipment company reached out to Softensity to rewrite the Customer Portal in order to fix several usability issues, add functionality, and completely overhaul the UI and UX. A team of four based in Turkey provided a full-service solution, including project management, business analysis, development and QA. Softensity’s core team included a Project Manager / Business Analyst / Quality Assurance lead (PM/BM/QA) along with three developers.

The Softensity team developed a design with a responsive UI optimized for both web and mobile. The team adhered to all HIPAA compliance rules to transmit and present the data. Based on the success of the initial engagement, the medical supply company retained Softensity to work on an additional app.

Softensity’s team collaborated with the company’s single full-time developer to improve the company’s primary back-office tool, Centrix. This large application is key to running the business, and includes user management, inventory management, order management, a finance module, and more. Like the Customer Portal, Centrix uses the .NET Framework.

During the year-long engagement that spanned both projects, Softensity’s team provided project management and introduced a system to streamline collaboration with the in-house developer. The Customer Portal improvements were made using the Agile scrum methodology based on sprints, while Centrix was developed using the Kanban framework. 

The Results

In use for more than nine months now, the Customer Portal has received positive feedback from clients and employees alike. In addition to helping the in-house developer with several fixes, Softensity’s team also added some new features to the back-office application.

Softensity’s global network of best-in-class software developers provides full-service solutions and can work independently, or as part of an existing team. In most cases, Softensity’s team adopts existing processes with ease. However, when processes don’t exist, as in this case, the team excels at introducing proven processes to create a seamless workflow.


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