July 17, 2023

Cybersecurity SaaS Startup Taps Softensity to Fill Skills Gaps, Expand Bandwidth and Increase Speed to Market


The award-winning vulnerability management solution helps organizations assess exposure to and remediate cybersecurity threats. The end-to-end risk management platform is driven by machine-learning-based risk prioritization. An industry leading SaaS startup in the cybersecurity space, the company serves diverse enterprises across industries, including many high-profile Fortune 500 companies.


As demand for the startup’s services grew, the company required additional resources to upgrade its vulnerability risk management platform. Rapid growth put the company in a place that many startups find themselves, where budget constraints and the need for agile resources make hiring full-time employees impractical. 

The small development team faced many challenges, including the need to integrate and optimize a massive amount of data, streamline the ability to add new features, and modernize the application’s UX and UI. From crucial data integrations to architectural limitations within the existing app, the startup lacked the bandwidth to make the sweeping updates required. 

The search for experienced resources who could hit the ground running led the startup to contract Softensity’s highly experienced near-shore engineers.

The Solution

Softensity’s engineers made an immediate impact, from bug fixes to data integrations from third-party APIs. Impressed by the skill level and experience of Softensity’s developers, the company soon contracted additional resources to double the team of Softensity software engineers.

The Softensity team augmented the startup’s internal development team to provide extensive front- and back-end support, including end-to-end product design featuring complex workflows within a dashboard interface.

Engineers tackled deep architectural limitations by building a new version of the app from the ground up. This allowed the engineers to upgrade the UI / UX, store data more securely, improve the ability to extract insights from the data, and significantly streamline the process of adding new features to the app.  

The Results

Softensity’s nearshore team is fully embedded into the startup’s team and has built upon a seamless, highly productive collaboration. The organization depends on the Softensity team’s experience not simply to deliver tickets, but to present high-level solutions to various issues and challenges, suggest ideas to stay on the leading edge of an emerging industry, and contribute creative ideas on how to achieve the organization’s goals.


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