December 2, 2022

[VIDEO] ClickUp Demo

IT Tips & Insights: A Softensity QA Engineer walks you through ClickUp’s project management platform in this video demo.

By Nicolas Del Corno, QA Automation Engineer

In this demo, I’m going to walk you through a platform called ClickUp which helps with organizing small teams projects, or even companies until they reach a level in which project management becomes essential. This platform can be easily run or admin by any member of the team since it is surprisingly intuitive. It can be very useful if you’re working for a very small company or a newly added startup.

Whether you are a developer, QA, BSA, or any other role related to IT, there’s a chance that you will find yourself working on a project that was not organized at all, especially small projects or startups. Since PM is taken into account most commonly in later stages of a company, we sometimes feel the need to organize the teamwork a bit in order to increase our efficiency.

Click on the video above to go on a tour through the platform and explore its different features and attributes. ClickUp also includes a paid version, but for our purposes we will explore the free one which includes everything you need.


I am a QA Analyst with wide experience in most kinds of testing, as well as functional, regression, user acceptance, performance, system, integration, alpha and unit testing. I’m enthusiastic and self-teaching, and strive to be an excellent team player. I always look forward to improving my skills by taking continuous courses, not only to acquaint myself with new technologies but to strengthen my management of the ones I’m already familiar with.

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