December 28, 2021

Enable CI/CD for .NET Apps on ADO

Enable CICD for .NET Apps on ADO

IT Tips & Insights: Learn about DevOps and CI/CD in this video tutorial from a Softensity Senior Software Developer.

By Vincent Burgos, Softensity Software Developer / Engineer

What is CI/CD?

CI/CD stands for continuous inegration and continuous delivery. It’s a method used to rapidly deliver software to customers by utilizing automation in various stages of development. Essentially, it gives us the ability to quickly deliver our changes or code to our customers.

DevOps and CI/CD

You’ve probably heard about DevOps, and you’ve probably heard about CI/CD. There are a ton of great resources out there that explain what these terms mean, but wouldn’t it be great to learn them through actual implementation?

Usually when we talk about DevOps, CI/CD also comes up. In a way, they’re inseparable. Think about DevOps as a principle or a set of practices that can help improve the software you build. Improvement? That’s pretty broad, indeed. Let’s be a bit more precise. We want to automate what we can automate, we want to hear feedback from our customers, and of course we want to monitor what’s happening because our goal is to improve.

Speeding Up Delivery

So in CI/CD, we want to rapidly deliver updates. This is possible thanks to the monitoring and customer feedback parts of DevOps. Basically, the more feedback and the more data we get from our monitoring, the more we want to update our software and deliver to customers, right?

CI/CD is the process of automating the build of our code, packaging and delivering the binaries or files to where it should be. I mean, that’s the simpler way. This is actually a very common feat you usually see across Software Teams.

For this video, let’s go through how to simply enable CI/CD through ADO (Azure DevOps) and deploy our code to an AppService in Azure. Of course, we’re using .NET + C#.


Vincent Clyde

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