May 7, 2021

Approaching Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics in QA testing

Leadership Series: A conversation with Sandeep Anand of Infor.

By Softensity

Adopting advanced analytics like data science, machine learning and data engineering can be challenging. In addition to barriers like resistant technologies embedded into ERPs, it can be difficult to connect the technology to a tangible ROI for clients. Businesses are often overwhelmed when considering how to upgrade their technology to incorporate advanced analytics. Even when they can see the benefits, they’re often hesitant to make the jump.Approaching Advanced Analytics

The answer lies in a change of mindset — looking at digital transformation from a value perspective, rather than a linear data perspective, and incorporating advanced analytics into the value stream. Softensity’s Monika Mueller sat down with Infor’s Sandeep Anand to discuss this mindset shift for our Leadership Series.

The Acceleration of Advanced Analytics Adoption

The importance of data is old news at this point, but embracing analytics within an organization can seem daunting. As the Senior Director of Decision Science and Analytics at Infor, it’s Sandeep Anand’s job to drive the adoption of analytics within the organization, and for clients.

As Covid has helped accelerate the digitization of Infor’s customers, and more enterprise assets are moved to the cloud, leveraging the power of technology to make instantaneous decisions is an organic evolution. “It’s a natural enhancement to the value offering we provide clients to make their lives easier,” says Anand. “Ultimately, Infor is doing it to make the life of a customer better.”

Overcoming Resistance to Digital Transformation

Anand points to two types of clients: those that are overwhelmed by the scale of innovation and the many challenges involved, and the doubters who are resistant to change and are hesitant to invest in the move. While both can see the value in the technology, they can be resistant to making the leap.

There’s a lot of fear and uncertainty, from wondering if the new technology will take their job to worrying about if it will be a good investment. According to Anand, the key is a change in mindset to “start thinking of data science as life enriching … You shouldn’t be looking at it from a data perspective,” he says. “You should look at it from a value perspective.”

That starts by asking questions like: What is the problem you want to solve, or the solution you want to achieve? For example, Anand explains, “Are you looking at a market share loss that you want to improve? Are you looking at improving operational efficiency? Are you looking to improve the safety of the organization?”

“Let’s not talk about data,” he says. “Let’s talk about what is your business problem? And how do you want to solve it? How do you want to track for it? Let’s work together to make that happen.” In essence, leveraging advanced analytics to make data-driven decisions can solve problems, make things easier add ultimately add value.

Getting Started

Watch the complete interview to hear more about Infor’s approach to advanced analytics adoption. Anand also discusses the skill sets needed within an organization to leverage these advanced tools, and how these capabilities can serve as a recruiting technique to attract top talent.

Ready to take the first step toward digital transformation? Hear what Anand has to say about getting started with an agile mindset and a project approach that considers scope, budget and stakeholder value. It all begins by embracing a vision of innovation.

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