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DevOps emphasizes integration of software development and IT operations enabling you to perform faster and more effectively, with constant iterations. Companies that leverage this practice generally deploy code up to dozens of times more frequently than their competitors. DevOps guarantees that fast and responsive operations are kept in sync with the speed of latest software development trends. DevOps is quite effective for all size organizations from startups to large corporations.

So why Softensity DevOps?

  • Extensive expertise in both software development and operations
  • Ability to combine multiples of roles such as build engineers, system architects, monitoring specialist, etc.
  • Leverage tools such as Chef, Puppet, Saltstack, Ansible

DevOps is here to stay with a significant number of companies adopting such practices as part of the decision to deploy on the cloud. The world’s largest enterprises host complex infrastructure on a range of IaaS platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, Heroku, and others.

Leveraging the potential of these platforms is realized when the infrastructure is managed by a cohesive DevOps team that is committed to an effective process and enhanced cross-team communication. Let’s get Started!


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