November 1, 2021

Softensity Taps Top IT Talent to Accelerate LATAM Expansion

Latin American Developer Expansion

Amidst a challenging pandemic and IT labor shortage, Softensity global outsourcing is building a significant team of experienced developers, engineers and QAs throughout Latin America.

ATLANTA, November 1, 2021
— Softensity, a U.S.-based outsourcing provider of top-tier software development talent, announced today that the company has built a robust presence in Latin America, and is on track to expand its team of consultants twofold by the end of the year. The team is currently spread across eight Latin American countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Honduras.
Softensity has a significant global capacity of consultants focused on building, testing and deploying software. Though the pandemic has intensified the IT labor shortage around the world, Softensity was able to source exceptional talent to launch its Latin American team this year.

“It quickly became evident that Latin America is a market with abundant talent in a labor shortage environment,” said Monika Mueller, SVP Consulting Services who has been leading Softensity’s Latin America expansion. “The region is so talent rich, it’s stable, and it has a fantastic education system that’s producing well-rounded talent that speaks great English and is already familiar with global concepts, which aligns perfectly with the core Softensity culture.”

24-Hour Development

Mueller calls Softensity’s LATAM team “the missing piece in the puzzle” to provide clients with 24-hour development capabilities. According to Mueller, clients wanted more time zone alignment and options for around-the-clock development. “Expanding Softensity’s development footprint allows our clients to accelerate delivery,” she says. Latin America’s close proximity to the U.S. also facilitates collaboration. This time zone alignment gives companies more work hours every day to plan meetings between their U.S. and Latin American teams.
A Robust Pipeline of Talent

Softensity has always been strategic about the locations of its global teams. Among the selection criteria, the company looks for political stability and areas that have access to a high-quality education. The majority of Latin American engineers not only have strong English-speaking skills, but are in tune with American culture, and are comfortable working with global teams. This cultural relevance was a key factor for Softensity. “It was really a no-brainer to grow our presence in Latin America, and invest our time and resources there,” says Mueller.
About Softensity

Founded in 1997 by Georgia Tech grads with extensive IT experience, Softensity is a global outsourcing firm focused on best-in-class consultants located around the world. Based in Atlanta, the company has English-speaking teams in the United States, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey and Latin America. Expert software and QA engineers can ramp up in as little as 1-2 weeks to build stable, scalable and high-performing applications that help clients achieve their business goals.

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