November 20, 2023

Latin America: A Rising Force in IT and Artificial Intelligence Talent

Latin America is rapidly establishing itself as a leading region for IT and artificial intelligence (AI) talent, drawing significant attention at international forums like the Davos Meeting. With a population of half a billion across key countries like Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina, the region’s investment in education is notable. An increasing number of young people are attending universities with a focus on technology, enhancing the region’s AI talent pool. Initiatives like the Advanced Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) in Brazil, established in 2018, exemplify the dedication to advancing in this field. The region’s potential was recognized before the pandemic in the 2020 Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI), which highlights Latin America’s advances in AI and digital transformation.

The shift in IT talent outsourcing from traditional locations like India to Latin America is significant. Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina, in particular, are emerging as top destinations for qualified developers. A key advantage for Latin American developers is the minimal time zone difference with North American companies, facilitating easier collaboration and remote work​​.

Latin America is also being recognized as a hub of tech innovation, benefiting from both the remote and hybrid workplace trends. US companies, in particular, are increasingly looking to LATAM for highly-skilled technologists. This shift is supported by the region’s shared time zones with North America, high English language proficiency, cultural familiarity, and ease of travel. Significant investments by governments across LATAM in tech talent, through technical universities and innovation incentive programs, have bolstered the region’s standing. This has led to the creation of experienced and diverse tech teams, with Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and Costa Rica being notable contributors. Each of these countries offers unique strengths and has attracted significant investment from global tech giants, further enhancing their capabilities and appeal as tech hubs​​.

Latin America’s burgeoning IT and AI sector positions it as a powerhouse for the next generation of digital talent. The region’s commitment to education, government support, and cultural and time zone alignment with North American markets make it an attractive destination for global companies seeking skilled technologists. As such, Latin America is not just following in the footsteps of other tech hubs but is carving out its own distinct and influential role in the global technology landscape.


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