May 30, 2022

Crypto API Fills Skills Gaps and Matures Agile Development


A crypto market and blockchain API located in Silicon Valley delivers comprehensive digital asset data and insights into blockchain networks, crypto markets, and decentralized finance. This data empowers financial institutions with critical data for research, trading, risk management, analytics, reporting and compliance. 


The company wanted to support more endpoints and have more interfaces so that the API could process more data. The complexity of the project and lack of engineers in this emerging field proved challenging. The company looked to fill skills gaps within its internal team in order to improve the API’s processing capabilities. Successfully expanding the internal team’s bandwidth was highly dependent upon time zone alignment.

The Solution

The organization turned to Softensity to fill skills gaps and double their IT team’s size with the addition of software engineers, data engineers, front-end developers and site reliability engineers located in Latin America. Capitalizing on time zone alignment, the Softensity team integrated seamlessly and worked as an extension of the internal team through joint daily standups, grooming meetings and real-time communication that allowed the unified team to stay updated on the latest changes.

In order to help the company process more information from more blockchains, Softensity’s team helped expand the amount of events that the API could handle by creating an architecture that supported different collectors for each blockchain. Beyond the initial scope of the project, Softensity’s team also helped mature the organization’s Agile development process to improve speed, efficiency and accuracy. 

When Softensity partnered with the organization, the internal team had nascent Agile development experience. Through oversight and in-depth Agile coaching, Softensity’s Agile experts were able to help the team significantly mature their development process. 

The team’s sprints progressed from one to two weeks, and incorporated more backlog grooming and replenishment sessions along with introducing other crucial ceremonies such as retrospectives, reviews and planning sessions. This helped greatly improve the team’s organization, efficiency and prioritization of value-added tasks. 

The Results

Serving as both collaborators and trusted advisors, Softensity’s partnership with the API helped deliver a depth of intelligence and analysis that allows clients to make more informed and more accurate transaction decisions. Softensity’s team also added significant value by improving accuracy and eliminating misrepresented info among the high volume of data tables that the API processes. 

Softensity’s team executed in depth blockchain analysis in order to create the right aggregations on the tables to facilitate different views and data sets that show proper information. The successful collaboration with the internal team continues to grow and evolve along with the API’s needs and priorities.


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