Mobile QA Software Testing Services

Mobile QA Software Testing Services


Validating and testing the quality of your mobile applications, its usability, error-free operation, compatibility across all platforms, and an appealing design all play a vital role in the success of your mobile app.

We help you successfully deliver and launch mobile solutions by providing quality assurance testing to identify bugs and problems that impact development, release and distribution. Our mobile QA testing engineers have extensive experience testing native, hybrid and mobile-optimized web applications.

We perform the following types of mobile testing

  • Usability testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Network connectivity testing
  • 3rd party device interruptions testing
  • Installation testing (native and hybrid apps)
  • Manual functional testing
  • Automated functional testing (native, hybrid and web apps)
  • Performance testing (native apps)
  • Security testing

As part of the process, we also compose a matrix of devices required for your project, select the types of tests for your application and help you define the mobile test strategy for your application.

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