How Our Expert Manual QA Software Teams Help

How Our Expert Manual QA Software Teams Help


Manual QA Testing is a core and critical part of testing practices in Software development and despite significant investment in automation testing, over 70 percent of software testing is still done manually.

When you engage us for Manual Testing, you can expect:

  • Deep and thorough testing based on a clear plan and test cases
  • A different perspective than automated testing as more bugs are identified
  • Manual testing is required for products with responsive design, we help you there
  • We integrate more than 30 various types of testing that make your application better

Our Manual QA Engineers include/engage in some or all of the activities below depending on your projects:

  • Checklists, Test Outlines, Test Cases, Test Plans
  • Requirements Analysis, Exploratory Testing
  • Use Cases, Bug Tracking
  • Interface, System Tuning and Smoke Testing
  • Integration, Regression and Acceptance Testing

We hire our QA engineers with the same obsession as we do developers, only the best. As part of the manual testing process, we develop key tools, documents and deliverables and adjust as it best fits your projects. Let’s get started, quality above all.

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