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So you used a software vendor who sold you how good they are, but you have no idea what they are building. They are not transparent with you and you have a number of red flags giving you doubt. You are not sure if you are getting what was promised, and the bills keep coming. How do you make sure you’re on the right track?

You need quality code that works, and maintaining this standard can be daunting as the complexity of software and applications continue to grow. Whether it’s your core operations, potential acquisitions or mergers, for attracting investment capital or providing your users with the proper product experience, you need quality code.

We conduct software audits as a trustworthy third party on your behalf, we do that and a lot more. Not all code is created equal. When we perform an audit we run through the following process:

  • We cover all major technologies so we can do multiple audits of disparate systems in parallel and relate them to each other
  • We use best development practices and benchmarks to evaluate all software
  • We provide you a detailed report and analysis and encourage you to share with your current vendor to defend it. If they live up to best practices, they have nothing to hide and if they don’t, well you know what to do.

Our reports include:

  • Audit interviews from key stakeholders as needed
  • In-depth code analysis
  • Comparative benchmarks
  • Templates for driving consistent metrics & analysis
  • Expert analysis and recommendations

Let’s get started. We will show you what you are really getting.

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