Project Server Development & Customization

Project Server Development & Customization


Our Project Server experts help companies all over the world install, configure, maintain and upgrade the systems that allow them to get their work done every day.

Our software engineers can help you find a custom solution that fits all of the needs for your operation. We’re available to handle installation and configuration work, and our staff can help you upgrade and maintain existing systems too. We also provide consultation for clients who are thinking about migrating their current project management systems over to MS Project Server.

We also help you learn how to drill down through the numerous features in Project Server, allowing you and your staff to start handling workloads with greater efficiency and competence. You can turn to us for advice about how to use Project Server’s powerful reporting tools in order to understand the state of every job that your teams are trying to manage. We can also handle the necessary backend database work that powers every Project Server system, and our specialists can assist you with modernizing existing installations also.

Our software engineers and consultants are assigned on a dedicated or consulting basis to insure a highly collaborative work relationship and provide absolute transparency. You communicate through voice, email, chat or video with all developers. In addition, all code is checked in to your repository, development work is uploaded to your development server and status issued daily. You are in complete control of the process and relationship. Let’s get started!

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