Local and Global R Development Teams

Local and Global R Development Teams

Key Benefits are:

  • Predictive analytics with R empowers businesses to make decisions based on precise, forward-looking data.
  • R is the fastest platform for predictive analytics thanks to a variety of pre-built tools available.
  • Extensive analysis based on classification, clustering, association, and other predictive models
  • Extensibility and rich functionality to build tools for performing customized operations
  • A library of several thousand user-contributed packages for running calculations on data and developing predictive tools
  • Extremely powerful graphics system, producing eye-catching graphs and charts for presentations and reports.

What does this all mean? In today’s hyper competitive business world, maintaining that ever elusive edge is key to continued success and growth. Today’s data-centric world infers that the ability to predict, rather more accurately predict the flow of business processes, will keep you in the lead.

The Softensity Machine Learning practice area is a very hot and fast growing specialty with software engineers passionate about data, analytics and the R programming language delivering best in class solutions to our clients.

Our software engineers are assigned on a dedicated basis to insure a highly collaborative work relationship and provide absolute transparency. You communicate through voice, email, chat or video with all developers. In addition, all code is checked in to your repository, development work is uploaded to your development server and status issued daily. You are in complete control of the process and relationship. Let’s get started!

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