Internet of things

Internet of things


At Softensity we  build strong and secure IoT solutions with deep analytical layers that are of great value to large companies as well as startups.


Counting on the top 15% of top tier talent, at Softensity we know with utmost confidence that we can find the solution that you need. Whatever stage you are in your business, our IoT solutions are the best at analyzing and tracking streamline data flows, tracking, automated processes and bettering customer service.

  • INDUSTRIAL AND ENTERPRISE IOT: No company is too large. Software for RFID tags, sensors, NFC and beacons beacons, sensors, and NFC will help you handle data no matter the amount.
  • CONSUMER IOT: Softensity delivers full-featured IoT solutions that serve medical devices, vehicles, smart homes and cities.


At Softensity we efficiently balance cost with effective time management, to deliver the best product in the shortest amount of time.

Development of IoT application

  • If you desire enhanced customer experience with IoTdriven custom solutions, Softensity is the company for you.

Deployment of API

  • The ultimate IC/UI experience comes equipped with image recognition and voice control, as well as with any 3rd party API that you want.

3rd-party integration

  • Softensity merges your IoT application with corporate solutions such as ERP, DMS and WMS, among others.

Wearables are connected

  • When wearables are powered with IoT, they provide collaboration, real time monitoring, enhanced quality and personalized perspective to any domain.

IoT gateway development

  • Our IoT gateway solutions aggregate, capture and transfer data from edge systems to the cloud.

Data analytics

  • Our talent builds in 3rd party or custom analytical tools to take advantage of the large amount of data.


We count on the best in class talent-including the highest level IoT engineers and are constantly seeking the most cutting edge solutions and technologies:

Advanced security

  • Security is paramount to our IoT development, from identity and access management to essential data encryption.Security is paramount to our IoT development, from identity and access management to essential data encryption.

Innovating for the future

  • We make IoT operations sturdy, flexible and automatic, making it easy for you to increase your user base.

Growing with you

  • You can start small and scale your team up when your project gains momentum.


Our versatile teams will build solutions that your users will love.

  • TRANSPORTATION: The amount of unfilled needs in the transport sector are waiting to be filled. Softensity’s professionals can provide IoT solutions for roadways, cars and other transit systems.
  • HEALTHCARE: IoT in healthcare is growing from its beginnings; we deliver  HIPAA-compliant and efficient products to guarantee smooth communication between stakeholders and multiple medical devices.
  • SMART CITIES: The world is beginning to have more and more intelligent cities (SMART CITIES). Softensity’s talent can be your springboard to helping cities evolve into more responsive and livable places. Think urban services, digitally enhanced traffic and smart energy use.
  • RETAIL: Our IoT solutions will create powerful marketing campaigns by streamlining your operations, taking into account intelligent data and improving your inventory management.


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