See exponential growth unfold with Softensity’s knowhow of groundbreaking blockchain solutions. From a small and savvy blockchain startup to a larger enterprise, Softensity is here to help you step into the future.


Our sharp industry expertise gives us the advantage when developing blockchain applications. We can bring your biggest dreams to life with the ever evolving technology we provide.

Custom blockchain development

  • Our products are guarantee with full-cycle development, which assist you in securing transactions, protecting your systems from fraud and controlling digital assets.

Smart contracts

  • Softensity develops, optimizes and audits smart contracts.

Blockchain consulting

  • Softensity’s extensive knowledge will guide you in streamlining your business processes with blockchain.

Minimum viable product

  • Softensity constructs an initial MVP to test out your ideas and gain constructive feedback from early end users.

Proof of concept development

  • Our development team will give you POC to identify valuable opportunities for the blockchain framework.

DApp development services

  • At Softensity we are already employing DApps; using blockchain, we build decentralized applications that run on any platform.


Our  custom blockchain development services guarantee you:

  • ADVANCED SECURITY: Our top tier team works tirelessly on the most secure code.
  • EXPERT PRECISION: Our blockchain-based solutions will run like clockwork.
  • BEST IN CLASS TALENT: Softensity’s has at its core value the continued commitment to ongoing education; our software professionals are simply the best in the world.
  • BUSINESS-MINDED CULTURE: We develop solutions that are custom fitted to your specific business needs.


The biggest challenge in the blockchain ecosystem is to smoothly integrate the latest experiences and cryptographic algorithms into traditional web, desktop and mobile applications. We apply every skill in our toolbox to help you gain the maximum benefits from blockchain technology.

  • SPECIFY YOUR GOALS: We evaluate your project, pinpoint the most successful criteria, create the most customized strategy for your needs.
  • DEVELOP AND REFINE: We design the architecture, including software, infrastructure and hardware configuration.
  • HAND OVER THE SOLUTION: We execute the blockchain solution and test its scalability, security and performance.
  • PRODUCTION: We support you however necessary in the production process while adhering to your customer acquisition plan.
  • ENHANCE AND SUPPORT: We merge your app with AI, IoT or cloud, giving your customers the highest level UX


At Softensity we continuously grow our stack to develop, test, and deploy secure blockchain apps with the ledger that best suits you.

  • Hyperledger
  • Ethereum
  • R3
  • Multichain
  • SkyLedger
  • Parity


Enterprise Knowledge Graphs are becoming essential for organizations that seek to harmonize and tame siloed applications and data sources.

Effective knowledge graphs can speed the development of new descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics as well as data processing solutions.

Popularized by Google and Amazon, a well-structured and performant knowledge graph powered by a Knowledge Graph Management System (KGMS) provides a semantic layer that allows humans and machines to interact with and exploit data for reporting, modeling, forecasting and optimizing various business processes and calculations. Our expert team of knowledge engineers, data scientists, technologists and machine learning engineers has deep experience using concept modeling techniques to derive core KGMS schemas for finance and retail.

These rationalized schemas allow for simple, extensible data models that encourage data sharing and reduce much of the data and schema redundancy that traditional siloed development approaches engender. Our Knowledge and Data Science team brings the power of knowledge graphs to your organization through best practice guidance, hands on development and deployment and advice for ongoing use and maintenance.


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