December 20, 2021

Global Holding Company Builds Help Desk Capabilities to Improve Efficiency, Free Up Resources


The parent company of two diverse industrial processing organizations lacked adequate help desk support. The company wanted to build a formalized help desk department in order to decrease response time, increase overall efficiency, and free up system administrators to focus on more critical tasks.

 The Problem

With limited resources and no formalized SOPs, the existing help desk process was overtaxed and inefficient. Both internal and external requests were often met with a lengthy response time. In addition, system administrators often had to spend valuable time handling a high volume of minor tasks, which took away from more mission critical endeavors.

 The Solution

Softensity’s engineers were brought on not only to provide help desk support, but to set up a fully functional help desk department with aggressive SLA performance targets and KPIs. The team created new processes and standard operating procedures from the ground up, in addition to optimizing existing processes. The first three months of the engagement were spent building the help desk support process, including creating SOPs, establishing an escalation process, establishing KPIs and SLAs, and reporting.

 In addition to extensive help desk experience, Softensity’s team excels at customer service and is well versed in interacting with users to help them solve issues, and avoid similar problems in the future. The team provides help desk support related to computer systems, hardware, software and phone systems. In addition, Softensity’s engineers handle the active directory, exchange administrator, remote server management and report generation.

 The team addresses tasks and issues that include enterprise app requests and incidents, login issues and network access, onboarding and computer builds, and a range of software and hardware issues. In all functions, the team is adept at following the company’s established standard procedures and requirements. Softensity’s team handles the majority of requests that come through the help desk, including all tier 1 and 2 issues. When necessary, the engineers collaborate closely with system administrators for tier 3 requests.

 The Results

Response time has improved significantly with the new procedures in place and expert help desk support. Around 95% of incoming calls are answered by a service provider, rather than voicemail, and nearly all tickets are created within 30 minutes. In addition, system administrators are called in for support far less often, which allows them to focus on critical areas like improving infrastructures, networking, developing processes, implementing new systems and auditing reports.


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