January 5, 2022

EdTech Platform Improves Performance Amidst Accelerated Growth and Rapid Development


A technology-driven online reading platform needed to maintain quality while growing and expanding rapidly. The organization required expert QA support that could ramp up quickly in order to maintain consistency while improving the platform, adding functionality and expanding numerous features. 

The Problem

During a period of rapid growth, the platform went from one release every two years to a new release every two weeks. Rapid business growth only accelerated during the pandemic, when the platform was adapted to facilitate remote learning. Meanwhile, the platform’s legacy application faced cross-browser compatibility issues that hindered growth. The existing infrastructure needed to be rewritten in order to transition from Java to React. 

The Solution

The organization partnered with Softensity to bring on full-stack developers, QA experts and a business analyst. Over the course of a long-term engagement, Softensity’s team has added numerous new features, improved existing functionality and designed three additional modules — in addition to integrating an online payment system. 

Working within Agile methodology, Softensity’s QA and development teams collaborate closely to create interactive and responsive web pages; design, build and deliver APIs; add numerous features to existing modules; improve comprehension and scoring systems; enhance the quality assurance process; fix various bugs; conduct performance testing and optimize web application performance.

Softensity’s team of senior QA engineers conduct manual testing, including UI, functional, mobile, cross-browser, regression and post-release testing. During the period of rapid expansion when releases increased exponentially, the team’s testing approach and release management process evolved in order to ensure quality while increasing speed and output. The engineers introduced test planning, milestone definition and testing time estimation, among other significant enhancements.

The Results

Softensity has built a long-term partnership with the EdTech platform that has spanned more than six years. This well-established relationship allows the organization to tap into the QA and development expertise it needs at any point quickly and efficiently. This ability to scale up or down seamlessly has supported the platform’s exponential growth and development over the years, and continues to this day. Collaborating closely with the company’s in-house IT team, Softensity has helped improve the platform’s performance and maintain the highest quality standard while decreasing time to market.


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