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The primary goal of our performance testing is to track all the vulnerabilities of your applications by combining research and analysis by our engineers and couple that with the power of automated tools. Our Performance test services allow you to understand how your applications will perform in the real world and eliminate revenue losses that can be caused by application downtime and other issues.

Our performance quality assurance engineers provide the following services:

  • Load Testing. Determine application response under load.
  • Stress Testing. Determine performance level up to a breaking point
  • Volume Testing. Applications are subjected to large volumes of data to determine responsiveness
  • Stability Testing. Determine the impact of load on application performance over long periods
  • Scalability Testing. Evaluate application ability to handle large data and users volumes.
  • Performance Code Profiling and Analysis. Review application for performance related issues at code level and analyzing it

Softensity actively embraces a tool driven test approach focused on the effective use of tools coupled with our skilled QA engineers to greatly improve the effectiveness of testing. Some of the test tools that we use are HP LoadRunner, NeoLoad, LoadUI, SilkPerformer, JMeter, JProfiler and NProfiler.


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