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As your applications get larger, more complex and with infinitely more users, it becomes critical to deploy automation testing to manage the bulk of repetitive testing and maintain a consistency. As part of this effort, we extend automation testing to areas such as system testing, regression testing, unit testing, UI testing, mobile applications testing and cross-browser testing. We actively embrace a tool-driven approach focused on products such as xUnit, SoapUI, Selenium WebDriver and Appium.

By introducing automation on a project, we are able to extend the QA team’s reach. In addition, by coupling Automation with Manual testing, the result is almost always exceptional application and software quality.

Benefits of Our Automation Testing Include:

  • Decrease time to market by moving quickly on testing
  • Detect bugs on early stages
  • Can replace manual tests and are excellent for repetitive and complex tasks.
  • Extensive and consistent testing
  • Tests are reusable on different versions of the solution
  • Quick validation of product changes with each new release
  • Scripts are reusable, and can be executed across a variety of scenarios and environments.

We hire our test engineers with the same obsession as our developers – passionate, experienced and obsessed with quality. Many of our QA engineers hold Computer Science degrees and a robust background in the application development space. Let’s get started.


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