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Node.js is an innovative solution, built on top of Google’s V8 JavaScript engine for building servers and web/mobile applications. It is ideal for data intensive real time applications and running in distributed environments. Node.js enables software engineers to write JavaScript code on both the server and client making it significantly easier to synchronize both platforms. Ebay, Yahoo, PayPal, Walmart, VMWare, LinkedIn and dozens of other prominent companies leverage this platform.

Node.js frameworks significantly speed up the development of web applications. Node.js offers a variety of feature-rich frameworks such as MVC framework, REST API and generators, full-stack frameworks and libraries enabling the development of web solutions without external software. ExpressJS, Meteor, Koa, LoopBack, SailsJS, and other popular frameworks are extensively leveraged within Softensity.

MEAN Stack

MEAN web development embraces the flexibility, power, and reliability of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js to offer a complete end-to-end system. A growing number of businesses select this full-stack option for in-demand web applications.
Benefits of the approach:

  • Writing client and server code completely in JavaScript
  • Support of the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture.
  • Open source components (an always updated stack, “many-eyes” approach to code improvement)
  • API structures communicate between the server and client without mixing up server and client code


The fact that Node.js can run browser JavaScript code in the Node.js environment with very little modification allows us to build Isomorphic applications. As a result of this exchangeability, once the user loads the primary page they won’t see the “loading…” message; they will instead see a functional page. This improves the user experience and allows us to build better user-facing applications.
The Key advantages:

  • Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Better performance
  • Better maintainability

Our software engineers are assigned on a dedicated basis to insure a highly collaborative work relationship and provide absolute transparency. You communicate through voice, email, chat or video with all developers. In addition, all code is checked in to your repository, development work is uploaded to your development server and status issued daily. You are in complete control of the process and relationship. Let’s get started!


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