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Hiring Java developers can be extremely expensive, and it is tough to find reliable resources who have the experience to complement your technology team, while delivering tasks and projects on time, and within scope.

When you engage with Softensity as your Java Development partner, we help you solve these problems. You get access to expert engineers who have decades of experience building software and applications that range from large enterprise applications, to concepts for small start-ups. You don’t have to worry about finding the right talent, or hiring. Within days, we are ready to start.

Benefits of Softensity’s Java Development Teams:

    • Substantial Savings – Many of our clients incur less than ½ of the cost of an in-house or contract software developer
    • Experienced Professionals – Most of our developers have been using Java as their primary focus for 5-10+ years
    • No Downtime – With our team approach, you never have to worry about vacations or sick days. Our teams are always working for you.
    • Scale Your Bandwidth Easily – Need one developer or need to scale to meet the needs of a large project for a specific timeframe? We have you covered and only provide you with the resources that you need, saving you time and money.
    • No Employees – Since our developers are not your employees, you never have to worry about finding, hiring, and keeping an in-house resource busy, resulting in massive savings


    • Java Web development: web portals, web applications
    • Enterprise Java EE solutions: portals, b2b integration, collaboration, workflow management
    • Big Data solutions
    • Business Intelligence and Data Integration solutions
    • Desktop Java applications
    • Mobile applications
    • Testing for Java based applications

We work across multiples of industries and cross-pollinate best practices and ideas across all and couple those with a technology team with substantial expertise in building high-performance software. As we work together, our standard processes allow for all code to be checked in to your repository, development work is uploaded to your development server and status issued daily. We are part of your team, working to insure your success.

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We have expert software and QA engineers who can get started within 1-2 weeks in most cases. Stable, solid, scalable and high performing applications at a fraction of the cost, to support your most complex work. Build your team with us today.

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