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Are you getting ready to engage in the development of a new Java/Java EE application or taking over an existing Java product? We have a dedicated Java practice that excels in the technology and has delivered hundreds of projects from small software products to large enterprise applications.

We offer a wide range of solutions for Java Software Development such as:

  • Desktop Java applications
  • Java Web development: web portals, web applications
  • Enterprise Java EE solutions: portals, b2b integration, collaboration, workflow management
  • Mobile Java ME solutions
  • Web application maintenance
  • Testing for Java based applications

We have expert knowledge in the Java technologies and Frameworks below:

  • Platforms: Java SE, Java EE, Java ME, Java FX
  • Security: BouncyCastle, JAAS, ACEGI
  • Persistence: Hibernate, iBatis, TopLink
  • Containers: GlassFish, WebLogic, Websphere, jBoss, Tomcat, Geronimo
  • Frameworks: SpringFramework, Grails, Wicket, Tapestry, Seam
  • UI Frameworks: JSF, GWT
  • GUI: Swing, SWT, JavaFX, Java2D, Java3D, Accessibility
  • Reporting & BI: Hasper Reports, Jasper Server, Birt, Pentaho, Talend
  • Apache Foundation: Struts, Hadoop, Lucene, Velocity, Jackrabbit

We work across multiples of industries and cross-pollinate best practices and ideas across all and couple those with a technology team with solid expertise in building high performance software. As we work together, our standard practices allow for all code to be checked in to your repository, development work is uploaded to your development server and status issued daily. We are part of your team, working to insure your success.


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