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Do you want to have happy customers or users? Should your applications run virtually error free? Can you grow your users without having any performance issues? Will mobile users have the same positive experience? The only way to insure that is to integrate one or multiple disciplines of Quality Assurance.

Not all Quality Assurance engineers are created equal. Many of our QA engineers have computer science or other scientific degrees, have exposure to multiple industries to cross pollinate ideas, have been involved in small and large teams and know how to navigate and are experts at the many software tools and applications supporting their specific QA role. We take QA so seriously that when a client is limited by budget on a project, we would rather replace one of the developers on the team to have a test engineer.

We specialize in 4 core disciplines within Quality Assurance:

  • Manual Testing Essentially manual testing based on test cases that are developed based on the application or system specifications.
  • Automated Testing We use special software to run and execute specialized tests and compare actual versus expected outcomes. This helps automate 60-70% of repetitive tasks.
  • Mobile Testing Mobile based applications are tested for functionality, usability and consistency. Mobile testing can be manual or automated.
  • Performance Testing Focused on the speed and effectiveness of the application being tested while taking into consideration multiple factors such as networks, volume and form factors.

If you have a current project that you are struggling with or future work you need help with, contact us so we can advise you to the best ways of moving forward with professional quality assurance engineers. It’s that simple.

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