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Dedicated Software and QA Engineering Teams
Global Centers, Local Presence

Local and Global Software Development and QA Teams

Flexibility, Transparency and Performance are key in today’s ever changing business landscape and specifically as it relates to IT and the key role it plays in the success of your business. With that role in mind, we designed our service offerings to be as flexible as possible and our client relationships completely transparent and collaborative.

Whether you are looking for us to become part of your IT team, looking for skills not available in your local market or to extend your budget as you continue to be asked to do more with less, we can help. We support you in the following ways:

And while the above areas cover the bulk of our clients’ needs, we constantly adapt to any challenges that you may have and will customize the offering and solution to fit your dynamic world. Check us out and see what you’ve been missing out on. We are local and global.

It’s easy to work with us

We have expert software and QA engineers who can get started within 1-2 weeks in most cases. Stable, solid, scalable and high performing applications at a fraction of the cost, to support your most complex work. Build your team with us today.

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